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I thank you for those kind comments dear LFPorak, anything less would have been grossly unfair for such a good discourse. Let's discuss this further and widen its scope with a brainstorm....before the nasties get onboard!

Wouldn't it be better for us (todays Aviators of SL with better International exposure) to consider the possibilities of opening a line of communication with the Ministry of Aviation to enlighten ..........any suggestion that their wings would be clipped if SL is blacklisted by ICAO would send shivers down their silly spines and would make them act faster than lightening.

There are a few in the GOSL who wish to learn from the pro's but have no access to them. By opening up a course of discussion and gradually showing them that they may not be knowing it all..........very soon they may have a team of professional advisers, even without their knowing it.
Has to be subtle as there are a few political vagabonds 'advising' them today..........

Quoting REGS and ANR from 'outside the circle' is of no use these days as such things are not understood nor given its due place ( "I am Civil Aviation...." says it all). The discussion has to be initiated by us as it would not come from them due to the 'vested interests' blocking it. Slowly but surely we would be able to remove the cancer.......hopefully.

As for the new Air Navigation Act, we should be careful in accepting any kind of new legislature unless it is properly vetted by a team of professionals who know what they are doing. Even the UK CAA still runs on the old ACT but with amendments where required. We should not be supporting a 'new' piece of legis that would tip us from the pan to the fire, especially when it is structured by the present bunch of CAA types who are looking for higher revenue even if it means killing the golden goose.

My twocents worth..............a brainstorming session on this subject may open up even better avenues.......
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