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Relevant jobs/experience

Hi all

I'm currently on the road to fATPL and halfway through the ground exams. Unfortunately I have been laid off from my day job as a professional so it has provided me with an oportunity to try and get some relevant non-flying experience that may assist me in the future. So I would welcome any ideas as to what such jobs/experience may be.

I am aware there is a similar thread going on at the moment but I am a bit further ahead as I am almost 30 and have done the whole uni and full time work shabang.

Is it worth writing to the major aerospace companies (Airbus, BAE, etc) who have a presence in the South West where I'm based, to see if they have anything? Or perhaps contacting all local flying schools if they can fit me in anywhere? Or maybe some further academic qualifications related to aviation, if there are any?

Questions, quesions, I know, but any help would be appreciated...

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