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Originally Posted by cazatou View Post

You wouldn't be "Captain Flashman" by any chance?

Oddly enough, when one lives in this part of France you become quite popular at this time of year. Moreover, I do not regulate my life around PPRuNe and certainly not around the imperious demands of a newcomer to this thread who cannot be bothered to read through the entire thread (and its predecessors) before issuing ultimatums. I am certain that Brian would be willing to forward to you all the information that you seek. I would suggest, however, that you adopt a more mollified tone than the one you use in addressing me in any such request.

Now, if you will excuse me, I will return to looking after my guests.

PS May I suggest that you read through all the previous threads on this subject - it should only take a few days.

As I previously said it's the simple questions they avoid
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