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Like Pontius, I have flown with a number of V senior officers at various times in my career. One 4-star had about 1500 hours total, but he was exceptional in his handling of a big aircraft he had never flown before. I would class him as a natural. With a fast jet background, he was fast-tracked throughout his career [as a single-seat - even faster].

I have also met some COs who turned out to be arrogant sons-of-bitches with whom I would not climbed aboard an airframe - they were dangerous, with an over-inflated sense of their abilities and who believe that the rules don't always apply to them. One I flew with did not know the correct procedure for flying in certain hazardous conditions, yet proceeded to incorrectly criticised a pilot for flying that particular procedure.

This occurance seems to me to be that kind of incident.

The P3 inquiry will ascertain the facts - I await their findings with interest...

On the other hand, on 6 Jul we will bury an outstanding CO who was exceptional in every way, and with whom it was my very great privilege to fly.

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