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Originally Posted by bast0n View Post
Maybe - just maybe some people having reviewed all the evidence and all the posts think that this crew really did make their final error. Chastising the posters for a point of view that actually holds up pretty well in many areas is not conducive to a rational arguement. Keep posting chaps and let us all keep personality out of it. It obscures the view.
Did I bring personality into it? If so, I apologise.

I understand that some people do believe the crew made a serious error, and I have to say I think that seems to me to be the most likely cause.

But, if that was what I was 100% convinced of, which tallies with the official verdict, I don't think I would bother to spend any time refuting claims to the opposite. When I said I don't understand, that wasn't a deprecating comment. I genuinely don't understand why you, JP and Caz are so keen to see the verdict upheld.

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