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A conspiracy! Odd that no whistleblower has surfaced to sell his story to an investigative journalist. Just think how much of a money-making venture that would be.
Sorry JP, not much money to be made here as the "conspiracy" is a matter of public record, ie the UK Military Operating Authority and Airworthiness Authority are essentially one and the same, ie the MOD. It is that very dichotomy that lies at the root of there being "something wrong with our bloody aircraft". I would say that there is enough evidence in the public domain to show that this aircraft was unairworthy on the day that it crashed (and every other day, but that is by the bye for the moment). I would also say that there is enough evidence to show that this was known by the Operating Authority/Airworthiness Authority. Perhaps a pedant (not suggesting for a moment that you be one JP) might cavil at a "conspiracy" of one. So be it, I merely suggest that the Operating/Airworthiness Authority Accident Investigation, ie the BoI, failed to investigate that most glaring deficiency in the aircraft, thus made the resultant finding a farce, and leaves the likes of me with a high suspicion of a cover up. As to "whistleblowers" and "money making" these are simply MOD default abuse for those who dare to shine a light into their dank corridors. I notice you mention both in one line!
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