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Your posts #5052 and # 5073

Are you bilious?

My point is really quite simple - the position entered into the SuperTans corresponded not with the Lighthouse but with the HLS a few hundred metres away. The handwriting on the photocopied chart left behind at Aldergrove was not that of either of the deceased Pilots. We are told that Lt K RN did the initial planning for the sortie.

Given that the Senior Lighthouse Keeper standing outside the Lighthouse at the time of the crash estimated the visibility at that moment to be " 15 - 20 metres at most" and his companion Lighthouse Keeper stated that "The visibility as I drove over the hill from Campbelltown, was down to only about 10 metres or less...... I suddenly heard the sound of a Helicopter directly behind me, so close. I thought it was going to hit me, although I never saw it". It is entirely possible that the HLS was the planned turning point -not the Lighthouse.

If that is the case then it would appear that the actual positions of the waypoints were not checked by either of the 2 operating Pilots despite the fact that neither of them had planned the sortie.

That old adage again:

Don't assume - check
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