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Groan.... herre we go with the weather again...

you are correct in pointing out that Mr Ellacott stated that the visibility was about 9 - 10 feet maximum. What is not clear in your post was that he was draveeling down towards the lighthouse from the higher ground (which was covered in fog). Evidence given by Mr Crabtree, who was further down the landmass stated that The weather was fairly clear down by the lighthouse, but as you come up the climb the mist got thicker. He goes on to say that he was about a third of the way back up the track, entering thicker mist, when the accident occurred.

No doubt you will come back at me with the evidence from the lighthouse keepers and their wives, and I have no problem with that. However, taking into account the evidence given by Mr Holbrook (whichever account you wish), and the statement made by Mr Crabtree, indicates breaks in the could that could, at least, have allowed the crew to sight the landmass from the cockpit.

There is evidence for the landmass being in cloud and there is evidence that the cloudbase did not go all the way down the landmass. Therefore no-one can say with complete accuracy what could be seen from the cockpit.

Can we now leave the weather issue alone?

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