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Irony 2098, irony.

Clear Prop!!! - BTW which were my over exaggerated claims on house price deflation or oil prices again? I quite like being held to my record. I dislike being held to your fantasy record. Do you not recall quite a bit of flak I coped for saying that the oil price was both a sideshow and a bubble? Do you refute my predicition in 2007 of a major house price crash in 2008/09? Do you not believe the scale of the fall or the timing was accurately predicted by me in the face of vociferous protest?

Ah, But I forget. You've popped up here every couple of months to either call me a doom monger or an arrogant tosser.

I *passionately* care about the plight of Wannabes. For not one penny of personal gain. You?

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