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Originally Posted by caz
Civilian rules for light aircraft VFR flight are not the same as those for Military aircraft - particularly those aircraft flying passengers. Moreover, the crew were flying on Active Service with passengers who could be considered to have VIP status; they had an absolute duty to abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to such a flight.
In the Governments reply to the the statement from the House of Lords Committee, (and no doubt elsewhere), it is stated the the VFR limits for helicopters below 140 knots are clear of cloud, in sight of the ground and with a forward visibility of 1000 metres.
- I take it you will be happy with the Government's reply? Which 'rules' for visibility and cloudbase, I believe, are in fact EXACTLY the same as light a/c VFR, without, of course, the civilian 500' rule. Of course, the rules SHOULD and do state 'ground OR water'
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