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You are, of course, fully entitled to your opinion. However, we other users of this thread are entitled to base our opinions of your contributions in the light of your Military flying experience and expertise. I note that you have a PPL and fly a Single Piston aircraft; there is no mention of any Military experience or connections.

Civilian rules for light aircraft VFR flight are not the same as those for Military aircraft - particularly those aircraft flying passengers. Moreover, the crew were flying on Active Service with passengers who could be considered to have VIP status; they had an absolute duty to abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to such a flight.

The yachtsman stated on oath to the BOI that the Chinook was flying "between 200 and 400ft" above the surface "in a straight line and in level flight and was proceeding towards.....the cloud localisation covering the Mull." The 11 persons who were present on the Mull and gave statements to the Police in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy were adamant that the visibility was exceedingly poor - the 2 Lighthouse Keepers, who were Qualified Met Observers, estimated the visibility at the Lighthouse as "15 to 20 metres at most" and on the road to the Lighthouse as "down to 10 metres or less".

The aircraft impacted the Mull approximately 100 metres from Mr Ellacott and his Brother-in-law after having passed overhead them. Neither of them saw the aircraft - Mr Ellacott stated "Visibility at this time was about nine or ten feet maximum."

I trust that this is of use to you.

PS Obfuscated means something totally different. Your reply to that Post indicates that you do not read Posts before replying.

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