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Alternate Law


Acc. to AMM:

The control law level which is:

No. 1: normal laws,

No. 2: alternate laws,

No. 3: direct laws, from the highest to the lowest level.

The law is such that:
each computer establishes the highest level of law (normal, alternate or direct) it can engage, taking into account the results of the internal monitorings and the availability:

. of the ADIRUs,

. of the control components,

. of the control surfaces, THS and slats and flaps.

among the computers which can engage the highest level of law , the computer having top priority is chosen (if only one computer is capable of the highest level of law , this computer is selected, whatever its priority level).

In FCOM is mentioned that ALTN LAW has 2 categories. ALT 2 would happen when U have an ADR DISAGREE>

With 2 ADR lost U have no HIGH AOA prot. anymore
with 3 ADR lost U have no HIGH SPEED prot. anymore

hope this helps

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