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I'd like to bring this thread BTTT with a question generated by comments on the R&N thread. I am surprised to discover that there is not just 'Alternate Law', but AL2 as well. Can someone explain SIMPLY what this does? I THOUGHT I understood the AB philosophy (a bit!) and that unless in 'Direct Law' you could not stall the a/c - in other words, despite bungling the hand flying, the FCC 'took care' of you and limited/adjusted your pitch. I read now on R&N (takata #2440) that this is not so and that AL2 has no such protection.

Q2: Is it correct that while (handflying) in AL(1) the FCC would adjust pitch (nose-down) if it sensed a large drop in airspeed towards the stall, or is AoA the over-riding trigger?

I suspect I'm going to get different answers to these questions from different folk - which would put me straight back on my 'bandwagon' about training not keeping up with systems.
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