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Kelly Hopper
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Why are they having a go at you Weasley? I have always found your posts to be intelligent, informative, honest and useful. Is it 'cos you is Welsh?

I suspect however it is because you are displaying a black and white view of the state of the industry and that is not what many want to hear? The FACT is this industry has been sliding into a crevace for a decade or more and it is now on its knees! Burying your head in the sand will not change that.

There are now, and will be for the foreseeable future, many more licence holders than jobs. That means many will never work in the industry. That is a very sad state of affairs. And the numbers are increasing daily! Choosing to ignore it doesn't change it however.

Having good personal skills may put you one step ahead of the next guy. Not having them never will. So while there are many who seem to relish the idea that lack of spelling and grammer skills is something to be proud of and is simply not important I support you. It means I am already in front.
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