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I am dumbfounded that you say you did a degree in this - where for goodness sake ?
Keele in the mid 1990's, Joint Hons Psychology degree with Human Resource Management degree. On the advice of OASC following RAF pilot sponsorship at A-level. The course allowed a high degree of adaption and specialization by the undergraduate. I skewed all of mine to psychometric testing, aptitude measurement, ability profiling, recruitment and industrial relations in professional work groups.

For my final year dissertation I completed a study whereby I designed a battery of pilot aptitude tests and then applied them to Air Cadets undergoing basic glider training courses. I was able to find both weak and strong correlations between various tests and success in flying training. Verbal Reasoning and Vocabulary were two of the most highly correlated test scores with success on the course.

It was a hell of a lot more useful to my future career (and sponsorship/job applications) than one of those tedious Aero Eng courses full of very heavy books, no pictures and definitely no female coursemates...

Thanks for asking.

Clear Prop!!! I indulge your little brick egg pelts on this forum but you're running out of wit old chap. Sort yourself out or be removed.


ps TXT speak is the work of Satan and poor spelling and grammar a sad reflection of the modern world. We have no option but to tolerate it all I'm afraid. Posters should be warned though that in the eyes of a good many readers their postings look weak and odious if they are full of txt speak. You'll get fewer responses and less advice. Learn to right well and correctly as a matter of course (and to type well) and it will pay great dividends throughout your life.
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