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Signal located (?)

According to the website of the French newspaper "Le Figaro" dated yesterday evening

Le Figaro - France : AF 447*: les corps du piloteet d'un steward identifiés

Partial translation

The BEA in charge of the inquiry announced that it would publish its first report Tuesday.
No track is officially turned down.
The Brazilian authorities identified Tuesday the body of the commander of flight AF 447, Marc Dubois, and the one of a steward. The information was confirmed Thursday by the direction of Air France.
These two new identifications thus change the number of victims identified from 11 to 13 out of the 50 bodies retrieved from the South Atlantic. The confirmation of this information by Air France and not by the BEA in charge of the inquiry, confirms a certain uneasiness with the Brazilian authorities. Those indeed have not accepted within their teams the French doctor sent by the BEA who came back without informations.
The BEA on the other hand announced that it would publish officially its report on the accident on Tuesday. Until there the investigation could accelerate if the black boxes of the plane were located and found.
According to several sources contacted Thursday, the French Forces have indeed picked up a signal, “they are turning around it for a few days to locate it”, explains a military source. “The question is now rather to know if the transmitter is still interdependent of the black box considering the conditions of the accident”, explains a source close to the file.


Things started to get confusing I would say. It would mean that the previous information published by "Le Monde" on the 23th and rapidly denied by the BEA was correct after all?

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