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I'm very surprised at this self-righteous, judgmental lot. We're indeed apologetic if some of us do not meet your absolute standards.

Oh ye perfect ones, thats the reason we're are human. We make mistakes but if corrected, strive to make ourselves better. It beats me where this rant is going.

Lamyna flo, you gave up on kq after "one too many incidents?" What exactly were they? Their benchmarks were too high? Is that the reason you can't stand the "childish witterring?" Sounds to me like you are one sad, bitter person. My piece of advice to you is, keep on trying. Pursue your kq dream. Excuses only serve to entrench you deeper in your awkward position.

I don't know what calibre of recruits rust is referring to. This lot made it through the first part of the ab initio recruitment without any help. Cut them some slack, they've acknowledged their inexperience in professional forums.
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