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You folks are going to be a real dream come true on the flight deck some day.

This is a public forum, not a private cell phone. If you choose to communicate privately in that manner, all well and good. However it's hardly appropriate in a public forum and merely displays lack of courtesy to other forum users. I understand that is how modern youth communicate but it does not reflect well on those who choose to do so.
SRT, you had the [email protected] to write what I was thinking. The standard of communication on this thread is appalling. If this reflects on the calibre of students KQ are choosing to recruit - unable to converse effectively in English and entirely dependent on "TXTSpk" - god help them. I gave up on KQ after one too many "incidents" and a long conversation with one of their Capts on declining standards on the flight deck

The fact that, despite your post, the childish wittering continues unabated, says it all I think. Sad, but I would expect no less from a certain cross-section round here. The phrase "absolutely clueless" springs to mind...
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