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I have my own idea

I have read quite a bit about this incident.
It is my personal opinion, according to the facts available at this precise time, that any other professional pilots who would have been on duty in that cockpit at that precise time, left exactly in the same scenario as the AF447 flying through that weather, would have done all possible to find a solution and fly the damn thing but whatever action would have been taken this would have resulted in a guaranteed disaster:
-Coffin corner and loss of all speed data (including GPS due to bad signal) is a recipe for disaster whatever the pilots on board.
Combine the above with a sudden and multiple list of serious faults and the plane very quickly either goes too fast or too slow, whatever corrective action is taken.
In both cases the plane would destroy pretty quickly.
If they could have precisely controlled their speed nothing would have happened. They could not guess their speed.
I am sure excellent pilots were dealing with an impossible event.
Airbus vs Boeing does not apply, any aircraft, whatever the make and model, would have gone beyond the coffin corner speed limits if flown without speed data.
Airbus was fully aware of the pitot tube problem, AF did not react.
Corners can never be cut in aviation especially when dealing with essential flying data, speed is everything. GPS signal in weather is lost.
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