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@ wannabecapt: cheers man! your responses have been the most accurate and most inspirational so far! the only problem is, with GCSE, we dont have B+ grades etc..we have just A's, B's, C's..etc..so, not sure if my B in physics will affect my application? i really hope not! flying is the only thing i can see myself doing, and that too with KQ..brilliant!

@Capt Giddy: I was just wondering about that, but I really hope its not an issue..its always consoling to hear that as kenyans, we're moving to a more open-minded and progressive future!

I really hope to meet all you guys someday, and maybe we'll even be flying the same plane! who knows..i'm just playing the waiting game now, and I really hope i get it this time!

any clue how long they take before a preliminary answer is given? i'm in Malaysia at the moment, stuck here till september doing my dissertation research..
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