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I have to defer to the A330 techs to tell me the likelihood of that. I'm just going on the experience that on the early bus where all three altimeters sprung into very different readings, and began to drift, so we were unsure of our altitude. We lost all air data for a time imho, and I suspected at the time that it got the static ports and tats as well.

Moral of the Story: Don't fly within 100 nm's of a typhoon near the equator or in the ITCZ with a bus. The ice won't show up on the radar and even benign looking stuff in the arm of cyclonic weather can take everything out for a short time.

And it's important to point out that this was a lot of years ago, and I'm retired now. A check pilot who did work for Boeing told me of the B-747 engine structure mistakes. Chalk it up to Test Pilot Urban Legend if you will:

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