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Hey guys!
for starts, congratulations on getting through!
hopefully someday, i too will be flying with you guys for the pride of my country!

I just wanted to add, I re-applied for the position, as they sent out an ad in print media, saying the deadline is now shifted to 19th June (next friday)

Ted, you might be able to highlight something for me?
i am currently pursuing my masters degree in international business management, and have completed my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering.

In high school, i opted for the LONDON GCE's, and completed my O'Levels with an A in English, Pure Maths and Maths, and a B in physics. I also did my A'Levels, with B in Maths and Physics.

Im not sure how the process at KQ works, but the last time i applied, i still haven't received any communication from them. I do however, have a confirmation from the website saying i've successfully completed the "tests" and completed my application.

Any clue what my chances are for getting into the cadet scheme?

not to add insult to anyone, but could it be based on my name that i have been unsuccessful the previous two times? i am of Indian origin.
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