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According to experts in rescue, a key indicative of a violent depressurization due to structural breaks is to find bodies without any piece of clothing. At the accident of Mato Grosso, some bodies were found like that in the branches of the trees. The explanation reflects the terrifying experience: when the cabin is broken, the decompensation in pressure causes a huge current of air, which pulls into the interior of the cabin even if they are firmly stuck to the floor. Chairs, lining of walls, structures, windows, panels of the roof, finally, everything is pulled out in the implosion. I alsol rips and grinds the clothes, even if they are strongly tied to seats - only resist for a short time. Death occurs in seconds. At least in the case of the body found without any clothes, the transition to another dimension served to clarify one more chapter of this tragic step in the history of aviation
Lots of mistranslations or inaccuracies in that, but the facts hardly bear poring over... everyone dead in Comets in 2/10ths of a second was the estimate based on dynamic similarity models - fundamentally skull fractures or heart effects.
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