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This information below was just posted 7 hours ago and thought it might be of useful information to a few experts here.

Engineer decodes Air France Flight 447 emergency messages

From the link:
Then the rudder exceeds the limits of normal flight.
This is utter rubbish. The message sent by the central maintenance computer was that the limiter was flagging itself - most likely due to the lack of airspeed data (ADIRUs) and nothing whatever about any rudder limits that had been reached as this 'engineer' suggests.


Once again we have no indication that any of the ACARS messages were
related to a loss of VS. To say otherwise is not helping this thread. The
aircraft in question would not have suddenly started wagging its tail for lack
of ADIRUs, nor has there been any demonstrated sane reasoning shown so
far that would support our PF to have suddenly had an urge to start
stomping away at his rudder pedals.
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