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training given was very poor
I think non-existent might be a better description.

i have been amazed by the ignorance of WX radar operation I have come across. Sometimes it is just set the range at 160, tilt at 0 (!) and gain in auto and then never touch it! No ideas about evaluating targets by changing settings. Not infrequently I have set the radar as I like only to find a sneaky hand has put it back in the above default position.

Having spent my early career in heavy turboprops (at horrible flight levels) in the tropics, I learnt the hard way and by seeking out information. I learnt a lot from experienced captains but nobody ever formally taught me anything.

In European short haul operations it is not so common to meet wall to wall CB activity so maybe it is way down the list of priorities. Hopefully, whatever the ultimate cause of the AF crash, the discussion of weather it has initiated will make the right people sit up and take notice.
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