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Being an Airbus Pilot myself, i feel very bad for the pilots of AF447.

It is highly probable the crew found themselves in a very furious and complex situation with not enough time to analyze and react properly.

Speaking from own experience, most pilot abilities are significantly reduced in moments of severe turbulence and violent shaking as well as heavy percipitation hampering the fuselage/ cockpit windows.

I realy hope the CVR/FDR are recovered, we all stand to learn a great deal from this tragedy.

Without wanting this to divert into an Airbus conception philosophy debate.

Given the protections/stabilities available in normal law being lost in so little time and all the redundancies possibly failing. Maybe It is time for Airbus to reconsider the fact that when redundancies are lost, only then, Pilots will be in dire need for protections to kick in.

My humble little contribution.
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