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1) In the event of an ADR 1+2+3 Fault or any combination therin , they would have got only a single chime master caution(amber) , if it was an Overspeed warning VMO + 4 KTS OR MMO +.006 They would have got a Master Warning CRC(RED) , however in either case there would have been ECAM actions to perform and in the 1st case there would be certainly some AIR DATA switching involved , as you might have already guessed there is a LOT of redundancy built in , so I do not believe that faulty speed crap for a minute .

2) In a 3 Crew operation as is always the case the relief guy would have been resting during this mishap , and unless there was a SIGNIFICANT flight upset and or if the guys upfront called for him he would not have been on deck at that point .

3) As I mentioned in the previous thread this was more than one or an isolated event that brought it down
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