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For 330 pilots...

I apologise if someone has already mentioned this but it's a struggle keeping up withall the posts...
I read somewhere on the net of an Airbus bulletin a few years back about possible air data inaccuracies in the case of radome failure. Can anyone shed any light on this?

If bad weather / lightning strike was a possible cause and it did take a exceptional strike on the radome leading its structural failure, then with the disturbed airflow to the pitot probes/adm's that might have caused the inaccuracies, plus no weather radar and at that altitude and speed debris might well of gone down both engines leading to not only unreliable air data indications but also engine thrust problems / failure leading to electrical power tripping off.

In this day and age of GPS, ACARS, satelite monitoring and IT, i really do hope that the investigators find the FDR/CVR and do get to the bottom of this as there may be implications to operation of all aircraft types through out the world.
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