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Capt PitBull,

I agree with you on the failures never seen before.....But we should never forget that here we had fully operational a/c in cruise with no reported failures.....and the chances of an Essential bus collapsing before a fully serviceable AC Bus is extremely rare,

Which Aircraft you had those failures on???

I know A320s were very susceptible initially but then Airbus came with mods to rectify those problems and in the A330s these were dealt with right from the beginning,

I have only ever seen a major electrical failure on A330 was after both engine startup the AC Bus1 and AC Bus 2 wont tie up.......fault came down to ACMU and BTB.......but still not accepting the fact that how can it just fail on its own and probing in detail led to a very interesting finding.....Aircraft on stand was powered by the Mobile GPU and not by the external power.....and just by reading the frequency meter showed that the generator on this particular unit was generating AC with frequency jumping all over the place which was the extremes of limits......and Aircraft systems however powered were put into max stress and just after engine start both computers gave in.......

There is always a reason for everything........we can only help by learning from these things!!!!!
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