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The following list is a reproduction of a document displayed originally on France2 television (Edition 20H du Jeudi 4 Juin 2009). It has been checked for accuracy against the original facsimile issued to France2 and is believed to be correct. While this document has not been officially released by Air France its authenticity is not disputed by the airline.

When this reproduction was originally posted to this forum (June 5th, 04:09 BST) it contained a number of typographical inaccuracies. The most significant error was in copying the ATA section code for the 0211Z "ISIS" report. The inaccuracy was brought to my attention during the late afternoon on 5th and a replacement posted at approximately 20:00. A further typographical inaccuracy existed in the 0213Z "FMGEC1" report where "FMGKC1" had been typed.

On June 18th a copy of the facsimile presented by France2 was made available. On further comparing the reproduction, the following corrections were made:
  • Page "29" changed to "14" on the second page.
  • "REG" changed to "MSG" in two places (header field)
  • "DEN" changed to "DBN" in the previous flight report line
  • "??OT ENT" changed to "SECT.ENT" in two places (header field)
  • A single digit, originally characterised by a question mark to denote uncertainty, was identified in the previous flight report as the number "8"
  • A forward slash was added above the words "Libelle succint" in two places
  • A zero was removed from the sequence code in the 0210Z "FLAG ON CAPT PFD" report.

See related posting addressing queries about the document's authenticity on June 17th.

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