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Originally Posted by el_visigodo
Un piloto dice que vio caer un 'destello de luz blanca' donde desapareció el avión francés | Mundo | elmundo.es:

"Air Comet estaba a siete grados al norte del ecuador y en el meridiano 49 oeste."

This is 7N 49W.

According to Tim Vasquez Air France 447 - AFR447 - A detailed meteorological analysis - Satellite and weather data the estimated crash site is near 3.290N, 30.357W
This is what the relative positions would look like.

Great Circle Mapper

LIM (12°01'19"S 77°06'52"W) 07°00'00"N 49°00'00"W 2028 nm
07°00'00"N 49°00'00"W LIS (38°46'53"N 09°08'09"W) 2875 nm

RIO (22°54'S 43°14'W) CDG (49°00'35"N 02°32'52"E) 4950 nm

07°00'00"N 49°00'00"W 03°17'24"N 30°24'00"W 100° 1135 nm

That is too far to see anything other than a metor. (probably was a very big exploding meteor)
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