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SpaceMonkey wrote:

The speculation on ACARS seems founded on far too unreliable information.
L'Express and Le Figaro (see Les navires brésiliens s'approchent de la zone du vol AF 447 for example) are citing some anonymous source denying that there was any loss of pressurisation message.
That's not quite what the Figaro report says:

Paul-Louis Arslanian, invité du journal télévisé de France 2 ... a aussi affirmé qu'à "(sa) connaissance", aucun message automatique n'indiquait de dépressurisation, contrairement à ce qu'affirmait Le Point mardi.
"-Paul-Louis Arslanian, interviewed on the TV France2 news program ... also stated that to his knowledge, there was no automatic message regarding depressurization, contrary to what was reported in La Point on Tuesday."

Arslanian is the head of BEA, the French air accidents investigation bureau.

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