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Looks like they lost some navigation equipment, the radar among others. I personally don't like Airbus with all their fly by wire stuff... I think they might have been just overwhelmed by the failures and went into somewhat of a strong return which they couldn't see. Can't imagine handling a level 5 on standby instruments. That said, knowing the lousy WX enroute, without radar they should have made a precautionary landing in Recife or Fortaleza. A few hours into the flight, the copilots were probably flying and they might not have had the nerve to turn around without the captains permission. I was in this situation before; I'm just speculating, but me, without my radar working and other funny failures, considering the forecast......wouldn't have gone on. But then I'm a chicken. It is a big loss, and whatever happened, it seems like the crew was loaded up max.....well my five cents worth.....
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