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probe icing
This French publication (in French) is reporting that AF knows of ACARS messages from AF447 indicating icing of the probes. There's an AD for the A330 about this starting from 2001 I believe. Can anyone else confirm the existence of these messages?

AVION D'AIR FRANCE DISPARU : Du givre localisé sur les sondes de l'Airbus A330, actualité Société : Le Point

The source you point to there is saying something perhaps a tad different:

" Ainsi, selon nos informations, sur l'AF 447, des sondes extérieures sont signalées comme ayant givré. Première question : l'excès de glace est-il lié à une défaillance électrique du réchauffage de ces sondes ? C'est très vraisemblable, car, comme nous l'avons écrit lundi, des pannes électriques ont été signalées lors de la dernière transmission automatique de données de l'Airbus, à 04 h 14."

"So, according to our information, on AF 447, the external probes signalled that they were iced-up. First question: was the ice build-up associated with an electrical failure of the heaters for these probes? This seems very probable, for, as we reported on Monday, the electrical system failures were specified in the last automatic data transmission from the Airbus, at 04 h 14."

My reading of this is that they are speculating that the electrical system failures on AF447 caused the failure of the probe heaters, and that the probes then reported that the were iced-up.

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