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In an Airbus, you can go to 'Direct Law' (I think!). But, also as far as I know, that means that you won't have elevators or ailerons to fly with, just the rudder and the trim controls.......
  1. There is no specific cockpit control to select Direct Law, as Airbus and the civil aviation authorities are convinced that the system would automatically switch to Direct Law in any situation that warranted it. But, I suspect that any Airbus crew would know that you can get to Direct Law, if desired, by switching off enough of the fly by wire computers.
  2. Once in Direct Law, you have conventional control, using elevators, ailerons, roll spoilers, rudder etc. There is a direct relationship between the position of the cockpit controls (i.e. stick and rudder) and the position of the flight control surfaces. In other words it is very much like a "conventional" aircraft.
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