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The 747 in question survived, and so did 3 other 747's that encountered turbulence sever enough to kill one or more passengers. The Russian Tu-154 that entered a flat spin was also intact all the way down. My question here is pretty simple...

Assuming we had an initial upset, does the follow up stream indicate failures during decent (not sure what limits are required for a vertical cabin speed warning) or was the AP fail sensor driven and in effect the plane was unexpectedly handed back to the pilots unexpectedly but in a condition where altitude was maintained for a period of time and a combination of weather and internal issues caused a later loss of control due to system degradation?

Can a FBW avionics system degrade to the point where the plane is still physically flyable but the avionics don't allow it? More and more I get the feeling that the KISS principle is at work here...
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