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I haven't bid farewel to anyone. If it happens to me, it would be for a reason. I am optimistic that whether or not i make it through, it doesn't have to be the end of my intentions to become a pilot. I applied for the program because i knew it would be a catalyst to my dream of having such an 'office' but yet again, i aint puttin my life on the line to get through. In other words, even if i dont go through, i will struggle the long way workin to pay for flying school.
I jus comented on the rumors coz peeps r jus blowin it all outta proportion for notin. I have not verified this but do u know that enirates this year also had such a program and those given priority were children of current workers.... its all in policies. If kq decide they will take 6 from the public and 6 others from relatives of workers, who are we to judge? They could as well scrap the whole thing off and there is very little we could do about it. I jus hope u understand that what am tryin to say is that we shouldn't bank on it as though our lives depend on it (mayb it does but some things we jus av no control over)....
Lets jus take it easy, if we meant to get through, we will. N if not, mayb its for a reason. AND NO, am not confident or anything, just prepared for either outcome, as a wannabe, try the same, u go up there not sure of any. have a blessed sunday
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