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The commander held the post of either Flight Manager or Fight Training Manager at the time. That and his imminent retirement undoubtedly influenced subsequent events.
His co-pilot's career wasn't much harmed by the incident either. He later rose to be Head of Training at General Manager or some similar level... .but that's another story.

Does all this remind you of a certain Concorde incident for which a senior Manager was responsible and got off lightly, I wonder?

I was given a photo of this fly-past showing the aft fuselage at around 15 ft agl leaving a nice trail through the grass - and that was before it rotated to climb away .
I seem to remember a discussion about the radio altimeter, which on VM at the time had a transmitter far removed from the landing gear area. The calibration geometry to correct for this assumed normal landing configuration and attitude: gear down, landing flap, threshold speed etc. The fly-past can be seen to be tail down (gear up, who knows what speed and with what could be approach flap). Anyway if anyone was actually looking at the rad alt at the time it would have given a false indication of the ground clearance of the lowest part of the aircraft - in this case the aft fuselage.

Moral: never fly with anyone on their last trip, especially if they still have something to prove.
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