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So I've gota ask, how many pilots does it take to change a light bulb?
At least three. The light bulb actually gets changed by a machine, but you need one pilot to program the light bulb changing machine. You then need a second pilot to monitor the first pilot as he programs the machine. If it's going to take longer than 12 hours to program the machine, then you need a third pilot who can relieve one of the other pilots part way through the machine programming process.

The pilots will make use of a union to negotiate how much they get paid for programming the machine. The bigger the light bulb is, the easier the machine will be to program and, perversely, the more the pilots will get paid. The oldest pilot will look back fondly on the days when he used to change smaller light bulbs by hand with out the aid of any machines at all and may occasionally touch the light bulb himself just to "keep his hand in".

Every now and then the system of machine plus three pilots will fail completely and a light bulb will get broken. Posters on a light bulb changing internet forum will then discuss in great detail why the bulb got broken. At some stage it will be suggested that it was because the pilots don't get paid enough and are forced to change too many light bulbs each month.
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