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Super Quiet EC135 for Lancashire Police

I read of late that our local Bears in the Air are soon(November) to have a brand new EC 135, based at Warton, described in the local rag as super quiet this will enable the Air born brigade to creep up on all the bad guys, will it be so quiet, and if it is will we no longer hear the blade slap of the old twin Sqirrel, as they make there way across our local ghetto's, will it carry more weight, or go faster, and really does our local Constabulary need to spend 3.5m on a new chariot such as this, when the old(?) Squirrel still has a lot of life left in it! Will this be value for money, or just keeping up with the race to have super dooper kit ?

If our local Chief of police has this sort of spend power, why not offer the old Sqirrel to the Blackpool Air Ambulance, who's sponsorship with the AA ends this month, after all, it is money provided from the public purse.
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