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Monitor the toilets?

Last year both ITN and the BBC broadcast graphic experiments where 500ml of liquid explosive puts a sizable hole in the fuselage. No doubt the bad guys were watching.

Is the limit of 100ml is a good idea?

1 x 100ml mouthwash
1 x 100ml shampoo
1 x 100ml conditioner
1 x 100ml aftershave
1 x 100ml deodorant

adds up to 1 x 500ml device.

So the current 100ml limit, although being a slight deterrent, none the less is, in reality, utterly useless in preventing a 500ml liquid explosive device being mixed on board.

If the total volume of liquid per passenger were to be limited to say 200ml this can be easily circumvented by accomplices meeting airside and passing their quota to an individual before he boards his flight.

You won't need more than one suicide terrorist to board the flight, unless gate checks are made to prevent 500ml of liquid on board, but I don't see this happening due to the high number of passengers that bring their own drinking water and it would adversely affect airside shopping sales.

The liquid bomb threat should be countered in other ways.

Given that chemicals have to be carefully mixed to create the most potent bomb it is the aircraft toilets that need to be monitored rather than over 100 million passengers a year that fly from UK airports.

Liquid Bombs Tested In Plane Fuselage. - AOL Video

ABC News

Liquid Bomb Plot On Aircraft

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