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There was talk of various people taking him to court / that had taken him to court in 2006.

As for the school, it's mediocre if you keep your head down and get on with it. Instructing is variable, some are good, some aren't. Some are just downright unprofessional and unsafe.

Aircraft were very old in 2006, not sure if they've had a fleet upgrade but I doubt it. Cost cutting seemed to be the order of the day from what I saw, from what my instructor told me and from a not so safe experience I had in one of their aircraft! A few more issues surrounding safety...

Value for money seems good, they do try their best to get you through the course (I did the PPL) and those that were doing their hour building seemed to get it all done the way they wanted. Quite a few didn't get through the PPL course when I was there, mainly down to their own performance rather than OBA's though.

Of course, weather is a factor but that's nothing to be laid at OBA's door. Big thumbs up to the groundschool lectures, though. The mysteries surrounding the whizz wheel soon become clear...
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