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AT is definately still around. There is also a new constable called steven fisher. (chief flying instructor and examiner, seems strange???). During my stay in florida I was not impressed one bit with the quality of training or organisation of the curriculum. There is no structure to the program there whatsoever. I would not reccommend any dealings with this company. I found out when I was there that they are not issuing any refunds for students that do not fininsh their training or decide to quit and go somewhere else. I personally found this to be true when I decided to finish my training with OFT. They refused to refund any of my money even though I had only done 12 hr flying and had paid upfront(big mistake) for a entire ppl package. I also found out that I am not the first person they have done this to. They are being taken to court by many former students . Do NOT go there!!!
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