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Just checked my online dictionary for "disingenuous". They have a big photo you smiling at the camera.

:-disingenuous [dis-in-jen-yoo-uhs] –adjective lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically ingenuous; insincere: For example:

"Nobody in the RAF is trying to stop CVF" (yea right)


"much larger number than the RN has been historically uanble to sustain on the harrier force" (ok, so you picked the one fixed wing type in the 100 yr history of the FAA which has had small numbers of pilots through choice. Coincidentally this is the aircraft flown during the soon to be forgotten small carrier phase of the FAA. The big ships will be able to carry more aircraft, thus more pilots will be required. The only hurdle to our pilot numbers is the RAF training system. The USN is already doing some of our pilot training, and have offered to do all of it.)

or my personal favourite:

"Furthermore, has it occurred to anyone that since we all seem to be agreed that we have too many fast jets, cutting the Harrier is something we ought to consider in the best interests of Defence, and might not simply be trying to have a go at the FAA?"

You're a polititian, right?
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