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I've hesitated to enter this thread, but the recent post confirming the remarks by CAS makes me sad - and a little angry.

I served in another Service for a good long stint, as a professional engineer. I was always treated as a member of the team, and was honoured and grateful to be commanded by engineers and aircrew who almost without exception showed the best qualities of leadership and consideration you could ask for. That included aircrew of many specialisations, FJ, rotary wing, navigators, etc. You worked on stripes, not badges. Officer first, specialization a distant second.

Here's the point. My last 9 years or so were spent with the RAF. Basically, no difference. Still great people, great leaders and team players. And as professional as you could wish for.

These remarks sadden me because they saddle a great Service with a burden of stupidity and narrow mindedness it does not, for one moment, deserve. Yes, FJ pilots are special - like all other pilots. Like lots of other people in the Services. If CAS can't work out that 'intellectual and mental capacity' are required to operate his other platform types, then what hope does he have of working with the other Services? Is driving a hunter killer submarine not a bit hard? How about leading an infantry section into close combat?

Should we be surprised that there have been issues up in Town?

The Royal Air Force deserves better leadership. Much better. I sincerely hope they get it soon.

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