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MoD wants to lease more C-130J's

By Douglas Barrie

LONDON – Britain is considering leasing up to five additional Lockheed
Martin C-130J Hercules to help plug the capability gap left by continuing
problems with the European Airbus Military A400M.
The United Kingdom is interested in taking more C-130Js by 2012, which
likely means it will need to conclude an agreement this year if the
in-service date target is to be met. The Royal Air Force (RAF) earlier
ordered 25 C-130Js, with deliveries beginning in 1999. All but a handful of
the RAF’s aging C-130Ks are due to be retired by 2012.
Alongside a C-130J lease, the ministry is further considering adding to its
six-aircraft fleet of Boeing C-17s to provide additional airlift.
RAF airlift is under strain due to having to sustain the air bridge between
Britain and Afghanistan in support of the 8,000 military personnel deployed
to combat operations there. Delays in the A400M program are only
exacerbating the issue.
Senior British Defense Ministry officials are believed to have met March 4
to examine proposals for the ministry’s next round of funding, known as
Planning Round 09. The need for additional airlift may have been one of the
considerations addressed during the meeting.
The British debate comes as the French government also is looking at
gapfiller options to avoid a tactical airlift shortage resulting from delays
with A400M (Aerospace DAILY, March 4).


Isn't this lease to basically plug the gap of attrition from the airframes lost which have never been replaced?
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