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Both the pitot tube and stab feel probe were located on the fin and protected from icing by a ferocious heating system, but again that's another story.
All these recollections are hazy now having long since sliced off the top of my skull, Hannibal Lechter style, on the LOX pot door hanging down in front of the SUU gun
Ha ha ha, you have just brought back some very (un)pleasant memories!
I remember walking down the spine during a crew-in snag with both engines running to try and sort out a drag 'chute door problem (can't think why now!). When I got to the very tricky transition from the narrowing slippery spine to alongside the fin I grabbed hold of one of the probes to steady myself. Bl**dy Hell they were hotter than a hot thing with an electrified hot thing! I left a good chunk of my skin behind! And, no, I didn't fall off either!

I also remember seeing someone with a marshalling bat trying to 'unstick' the hook lock during a see-off (a hook functional was part of the see-off procedure). The right hand engine was still going and he tried to take a swing at it from the left engine jet pipe area. He missed, spun into the jet blast of the right engine and was sent flying down the pan! Eventually the long lead of his headset reached its limit and was yanked off. I think the only reason the crew knew that things hadn't gone to plan was when they heard 'Awkkk!' from their Man A! Needless to say Man B was laughing to much to help. Oh, and just for those who never worked on the Phantom, the correct method for 'unsticking' a hook lock with an engine running was with a broom!

Happy, but sometimes painful, days!
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