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Night flying offshore..


Ok I'll take the bait! I think you are correct and my post was more relevant to day onshore, but it was just my small input to keep the thread rolling and not designed to make any major impact. I thought that was what PPRuNe encouraged... Don't you?

As for your comments directed to me about offshore flying at night , as an ex N.Sea, SNS, Irish Sea, Capt. flying single/multi pilot day/night ops in the days before all the gizmo's, I have to say you have really got me there....... Even as a line training Captain teaching night deck landings offshore, I have NEVER seen rigs/boats floating with the stars from a thousand feet....... I HAVE however seen the Iolair dissapear below the waves on my final approach at night

Take care mate and safe flying, I know you guy's are going through a difficult time there at the moment and doing a great job.
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