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After 40 years in the game I can understand your 707 license allows you to work on all 707's worldwide. However the 767 and 747 comes with many variations and differences at the request of individual airlines. It has become excruciatingly clear that you just don't get it!
Sorry about that, I bow to your much superior knowledge.

Sadly I don't have, and never have had a B707 Licence, or a B747 either, however I have (among many others) both B767 and A300 Licences both with multiple engine types, and I have certified for these Aircraft types Worldwide for many years and without needing any of this extra rubbish that seems to be at Qantas and some Foreign Airlines like the QA approvals and stamps etc.

I say again, you will find that these extra approvals and stamps etc are ONLY needed IF one is to be certifying for Aircraft other than those of your Aussie Employer. An Aussie LAME can certify for his/her Employer's Aircraft that he/she is Licenced on by CASA anywhere in the World without ANY extra paperwork. Different OF COURSE if you are asked to certify for Aircraft of another Operator OR for an Aircraft that is not VH registered.

IF you still don't understand then I am truly sorry, but that is how it is.
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