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Here we are again. Someone else it seems posing as a Lame and not getting paid for it. WHY WOULD YOU. Never thought I'd see it twice in my lifetime.
Who is his manager ? Is it the same one involved as the the last guy? Does he know his own employees. Now surely after last time you would have implemented something to prevent a reoccurance. Obviously not. And now they travel down the same path of asking LAMEs on their data base to produce their license. If you are an AME posing as a Lame wouldn't you would slip through the net again. This guy did last time as to Qf he was an Ame on their listing . Are they stupid. Surely his manager must be asked how could this happen again. Theres the gate,thanks for coming . And CASA should be asked the same thing. You are the governing body what steps did you take to prevent a reoccurance?
There was a time at Qf when Quality assurance and Casa would reguarly conduct audits out in the field to ensure people had the right qualifications and were signing paperwork correctly. Can't remember when that happened last. Incompetance from CASA and QF engineering management.
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